Hi Fi

Trimmed with gigantic Christmas lights, the interior of HiFi has a cool, multi-colored style accented by classic rock album covers and televisions broadcasting VH-1 Classics. The scene is deeply rock oriented, from Nugent-loving old-school guys to glam-rock chicks, all of whom pack in and rock out with 2-4-1 well drinks from 4pm-8pm, games of pool and killer music. The one-of-a-kind El DJ mp3 jukebox is the highlight here—while you're swilling your cocktail, cruise through over 3,000 albums (more than 31,000 songs) of five decades of rock and rock-related music. Is it the best jukebox on the planet? Very likely.

Centered around a home-made PC jukebox boasting nearly 50,000 songs on nearly 4,000 albums, Hi•Fi is the bar created by a rock enthusiast for rock enthusiasts ... We also have a Pool Table, Pinball, Buck Hunter, plenty of booths, table seating and friendly bartenders.

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