Webster Hall

Webster Hall

One part rebellious rock venue and one part mega dance club, Webster Hall truly has something for everyone. This East Village institution has four floors of entertainment space, from dance floors to lounge areas to a stage that has seen the likes of The Killers, Alicia Keyes, Evanescence, Wu Tang, the Misfits and even Queen. The regular dance parties bring in droves of carnally driven nightlifers who want to get their grooves on and eye the scantily clad jailbait-looking dancing girls. Parties vary and special events like burlesque shows are often; reliably, every Saturday is the Awesome '80s Prom night, which is incredibly popular.

Webster Hall is a 40,000 square foot nightclub and concert venue located in the East Village. It serves as a nightclub, concert venue, corporate events center.

It was built in 1886 and has since been the home to some of New York City’s legendary musical moments including RCA Records, The Ritz and rumor has it that Al Capone used the club as his speakeasy during the Prohibition Era. Its current incarnation was taken over by the Ballinger Brothers in 1992. In 2008 the building officially designated as a New York City landmark.

With 6 unique environments and a 1500 capacity performance hall on the second floor, Webster Hall routinely hosts the most celebrated events in the world. Performances by every type of musical artist take place daily. With concerts happening in The Studio, The Marlin Room and the Grand Ballroom almost 7 days a week.

Webster Hall hosts three unique weekly club nights:
Thursday – House Party
Friday – Girls & Boys
Saturday – brite nites

Experience the venue that for over 128 years has been a focal point of culture, celebration and freedom in the heart of the world’s greatest stage: New York City.

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