This NYC day spa, permeated with the light scent of citrus and woodsy incense, immediately transports New Yorkers to a Southwest-inspired spa oasis. The decor is a well-balanced blend of ethnic art and spa details: sun signs on the walls, wooden benches framed with multi-colored blankets, beautifully carved mirrors and pictures of Native Americans in rustic environments. The spa service is impeccable with extra-friendly staff on hand to escort spa patrons (whose only requirement is to hold on to antler locker keys and sip herbal tea) from spa lounge to treatment room. The low-lit hallways add to the getaway spa atmosphere with white scented candles and Carapan bath salts, massage oils and body lotions lining the shelves. The spa rooms continue the desert motif with crimson aromatherapy candles and 20 beauty options (such as Reiki, Pregnancy Massage, Total Tranquility and Reflexology Ritual). NYC spa goers will leave this Southwest oasis feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and blissful for days.