Tastes of Chinatown and Lower Manhattan Walking Tour

Tastes Of Chinatown And Lower Manhattan Walking Tour

Take a bite out of Chinatown. This 4-hour guided walking tour explores one of the New York City’s densest, most mysterious neighborhoods. Eat famous soup dumplings and other specialties of the neighborhood. Explore lower Manhattan and learn about the early history of the city, with stops at Ground Zero, Trinity Church and the Stone Street Historic District, the oldest neighborhood in New York City.

Meet your expert local guide in Chinatown, a neighborhood densely packed with shops and restaurants. There are more Chinese people here than in any other single city in the Western Hemisphere, and it’s one of the oldest Chinese enclaves outside of Asia.

Stroll the streets, gawking at the fish and meat markets and the exotic fruits and vegetables for sale in outdoor bins. Then sit down to eat the mysterious soup dumplings. These are not dumplings in soup — they’re soup inside of dumplings. And they’re delicious. Other specialties will be available as well.

And since a good walk is a fine idea after a good meal, the next step of the tour is to stroll to lower Manhattan. Wander the streets of the Stone Street Historic District. Stone Street, the lane which the neighborhood is named after, was the first paved road in Manhattan. Today, amid the bustle of businesspeople and underneath the towering skyscrapers, the area is crammed with history.

Visit Trinity Church, home to one of the few cemeteries in Manhattan. And then, right next door, have a look at Ground Zero, the site of the terrible terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. It’s also home to the new World Trade Center, called the Freedom Tower and the tallest building in North America. The tour concludes in lower Manhattan, leaving you free to explore the city on your own.

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