New York City Gourmet Food Cart Walking Tour

New York City Gourmet Food Cart Walking Tour

Treat your taste buds to some of the best street food in New York City,
dished out of gourmet curbside kitchens! Explore either Midtown or the
Financial District on foot as you taste six different food cart dishes.
Your guide will also tell you about the rich food cart heritage in New
York. After this delicious walking tour, you'll never look at street
food the same again!

Sprinkled across Manhattan are some of the best dining experiences on
the planet. No, not Michelin-starred restaurants – gourmet food carts!
Over the past few years, food carts have gained popularity in New York
City (among other cities across the country) and have grown from just a
hot dog with ketchup to some of the best falafel you’ll find outside of
Tel Aviv or the most flavorful curry this side of Mumbai.

your guide through either the Financial District or Midtown in search of
six different cuisines for you to try. The selections your guide
chooses will change just as frequently as the locations of the carts, so
you’ll be in for a surprise! Possible food carts include Trini-Paki
Boys, Souvlaki Truck or Wafels & Dinges and you can expect food like
falafel, Korean short ribs and Mexican chocolate brownies.

Lace up your walking shoes and bring your appetite!

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