Celebrity chef Jehangir Mehta's restaurant Mehtaphor

Mehtaphor is inspired by Asian urban tastes and scents and wrapped in Jehangir Mehta's singular chef voice. There is a distinct point of view here and a chef who touches every dish.

Uber chic and warm, Mehtaphor situated in Duane Street Hotel, poised to stand its own ground amidst the Manhattan skyline, for its eclectic cuisine and charming dining experience. With several intimate dining areas, including a dessert-cocktail bar, a true cocktail bar, a time-worn wooden communal table fully wired for laptops and internet access, and a delightful dining room. The entire restaurant is awash in glass frontage. The clean, contemporary shell is accented by warm golden-print fabric on banquettes (with little cubbyholes for purses, bags, briefcases and other accessories) while intricate wooden shutters run half way up the expansive windows.

Mehtaphor sets out to redefine global cuisine. Bold ingredients, an unusual combination of spices and herbs inspired by Ayurvedic principles, served up in French style, all resulting in a burst of warm flavors that play mellifluously on the tongue: flavor after flavor, distinct, yet in unison. Providing the perfect foil is the chic, boutique ambience coupled with excellent personalized service to guests. That’s Mehtaphor.

Breakfast is also offered daily at this uber chic restaurant. Mehtaphor is also an intimate space for private group events and entertains requests for catering. Every Friday afternoons, chef Jehangir Mehta run the "Gastro Kids After School" program for children aged 4 to 16.

For delivery and takeout, Mehtaphor partners with Seamless Web.

For reservations please call 212-542-9440

Visit Mehtaphor for a truly wonderful experience. And when here, ask for the absolutely fresh, eclectic menu and Mehta’s signature offering: pastry-influenced cocktails, served at the bar as well as the dining area.

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