Lower East Side Food and Culture Tour

Lower East Side Food And Culture Tour

Tacos, dumplings, bagels — America would be a food wasteland without the dishes brought here by immigrants. Join this 3-hour New York City walking tour to sample the best ethnic foods in the Lower East Side. But this experience includes much more than sampling delicious foods, as you’ll learn about the history of the dishes, establishments, sites and people along the way from your guide. The group remains small to ensure a quality experience.

Grab some friends and gear up those taste buds for 3 hours of sampling the best of the Lower East Side’s ethnic dishes from a variety of countries and cultures. The epicurean journey starts with a delicious stroopwafel — literally a ‘syrup waffle,’ it’s two thin waffle wafers with a caramel filling. And it’s just one of many foods you’ll taste that came to the US with people immigrating to New York.

Sink your teeth into tasty golden knishes and hear inspiring stories as you visit historic Jewish bakeries. Listen as your guide explains the cultures surrounding the local churches, markets and historic sites as you stroll the streets of Little Italy, where you’ll taste fresh mozzarella and prosciutto. Check out the Essex Street Market and then take in destinations like the African Burial Ground, where free and enslaved Africans were buried throughout the 18th century, and the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, a registered National Historic Site that explores America’s immigration history. All of this leads up to the teeming streets of Chinatown, a must-visit for anyone interested in the city’s food culture.

The tour concludes in the Lower East Side, so you can continue exploring the area and the city on your own.

Since weather can vary depending on the season, be sure you wear weather-appropriate clothing for being outside for 3 hours, as well as good walking shoes. It’s advisable to book your tour at least 48 hours in advance.

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