Greenwich Village Walking Tour

Greenwich Village Walking Tour

Become engrossed in Greenwich Village, the stomping grounds of artists and bohemians from Edgar Allan Poe to Dylan Thomas to Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan. This fun, 2-hour walking tour of one of New York City’s most beautiful and historic neighborhoods explores the leafy, narrow streets where legendary and soon-to-be legendary bohemians worked and lived. An expert guide will lead a small group through the tangled streets relating fun historical anecdotes about the famous artists of Greenwich Village and the places where they worked (and played).

Do you want to see the spot where poet and writer Dylan Thomas drank himself to death? Where Jimi Hendrix made some of his most famous recordings? Where Bob Dylan first wowed audiences in small clubs? See and learn about these places and more during this intriguing 2-hour guided walking tour of Greenwich Village, one of New York City’s most famous, historic and beautiful neighborhoods.

When the street grid of Manhattan was developed in the early 19th century, Greenwich Village had long been in existence — hence the area’s crooked and winding streets. Today the neighborhood is a charmingly confusing tangle of leafy lanes flanked by bars, restaurants and beautiful, historic brownstone residential buildings. It was on these streets that some of the city’s most legendary bohemians worked and played.

Your expert guide will share intriguing historical anecdotes about where the gay rights movement began and where radical thinkers like John Reed and Upton Sinclair started counterculture movements. See some spots that will look very familiar from TV shows such as Friends and Sex and the City. Walk through Washington Square Park, the heart of the neighborhood, where today folk and jazz musicians still try to make a living playing for passersby. See where the Beat Generation of writers wrote and hung out. Learn where 1960s icons Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin played and drank and got wild.

The tour, covering a small geographic area but more than 200 years of history, concludes at the iconic Washington Square Park, leaving you free to continue to explore the area on your own.

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