The Sampler

The Sampler

The Sampler - Fine Craft Beer - 20 mostly local taps + over 200 bottles and cans.

Twitter: @thesamplerbk
instagram: @thesamplerbk

In a borough with no shortage of weird combination businesses like Take Root (yoga studio/restaurant) and Juice Pedaler (juice bar/bike shop), The Sampler, a combination bar and bottle shop recently opened in Bushwick, is actually pretty intuitive. And all things considered—including the degree to which some of us think of bars as sacred places that should under no circumstances be sullied by something as comparably gauche as a retail business—the owners have done an admirable job of creating a space that maintains a sufficiently homey, comfortable vibe.

If you’re somehow unmoved by the draft options, the bottle-shop portion of the business offers the perfect out: for a small “corkage” fee, you can sit at the bar and enjoy any of the bottles they have for sale. Lining floor-to-ceiling shelving units as well as a huge, bodega-style refrigerator, the selection leans heavily on imports and high-end, lesser known domestics.

Whether you’re looking to pick up a nice bottle to bring to a party or set up camp with a group of friends, The Sampler is worth a visit as is.

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