Smokehouse Tailgate - Grill

Smokehouse Tailgate Grill


There are four great BBQ regions in the country. The Carolinas, Memphis, Texas & Kansas City each will claim their rubs, sauces, meats & smoking methods are the best. Unlike other New York BBQ joints, at Smokehouse we do not claim to follow any of those styles in particular. Our methods & recipes were founded in parking lots around the Northeast while tailgating, and that’s basically what we are, a tailgate BBQ operation……………. currently parked in a restaurant. The menu features all sorts of smoked & grilled eats you would find a great tailgate party & our beer bar focuses on craft brew.
For Justin & Mike, food & sports always went hand in hand. Although Justin being from Boston & Mike from New York, they always rooted for rival teams, their passion for great food & craft beer was formed while tailgating. For years they organized tailgate parties in stadium parking lots up in down the east coast. In July 2007 they decided to put their passion into a business, opening Smokehouse Grill, a small takeout operation specializing in chili. Over the years the menu evolved adding more & more tailgate BBQ recipes. In the summer of 2010 the restaurant expanded adding interior seating & a bar so everyone could stay at the tailgate party during the game.

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