Outragehisss Pets

Outragehisss Pets

OUTRAGEHISSS…PETS offers an entertaining and educational live animal show starring animals you hand pick from our vast selection of over 50 species.

John Tarrant created OUTRAGEHISSS…PETS as an exciting and safe way for kids to discover, imagine, and explore the world of animals. John, an animal lover and avid herpeticulturist, shares his love and knowledge of wildlife through educational and fun presentations that both delight and inform.
For over 20 years John Tarrant and the OUTRAGEHISSS…PETS staff have been working hard to ensure that people in the NY/NJ area have the opportunity to see, touch, and learn about the world around us, and the wonderful and unusual creatures that inhabit it with us.

All of our animals are healthy, captive born, and raised around people.

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