La Vue Restaurant

La Vue Restaurant

La Vue restaurant is fueled with the desire to entertain & satisfy all by providing an aesthetically impressive ambiance & fine dining.

The Food

At La Vue lounge our philosophy begins with the belief that in order for food to taste fresh it must be fresh. Incorporating only the most natural and healthy ingredients allows for our head chef Yurie Vasko, an Odessa native, to deliver such beef dishes as the Asian Beef Tartar, Filet Mignon Bites, and Bone Marrow Crusted Fillet Mignon from naturally raised bulls that are fed all natural products that contain no additives. Not only is the entire menu worthy of exploring it’s an added bonus knowing that what you’re about to eat doesn’t contain any raging hormones. Along with no additive hormones the meat we use is always delivered fresh and never frozen, such as the Porcini Crusted Rack of Lamb, which is imported from Australia!

The Place

We believe a truly unique dining experience is much more than the food you eat. It’s the atmosphere you enjoy it in. Our luxurious lounge is outlined with LED technology and an amazing surround sound system La Vue is easily the choice for any celebratory event.

Affiliation with Orange Grill

La Vue is the second collaboration of three close friends who have previously wowed Brooklynites and New Yorkers with the restaurant Orange Grill. Orange Grill has always been regarded as a pioneer in the restaurant world by bringing sushi and fine dining together to create a truly unique experience. Above all Orange Grill has always prided itself on delivering top-notch quality service, known to never cut any corners. One of the most popular restaurants in brooklyn, Orange Grill is known throughout New York as the prime destination to go to, or select for any catered occasion. Always experimenting with different food designs and styling Orange Grill works hard in setting a standard of quality, customer service and appetite satisfaction so much so that the menu underwent seven revisions prior to its release in an effort to provide the customer the most appetizing of selections. Just as Orange Grill has become famous for setting the bar and striving for perfection the same can now be expected of La Vue.

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