Hookaps America Inc

Hookaps America Inc

Hookaps is a flavored, Tobacco-Free Hookah Capsules that can be set up in less than 30 seconds. Our molasses are Herbal-Free, Nicotine-Free and Tar-Free.

Hookaps are ready-to- use disposable capsules that offers an innovative system that delivers a seamless and more enjoyable smoking experience than classic hookahs which tend to be tedious and messy to set up. The capsules, created to fit in a universal bowl, simply need to be lit, and then they???re ready to be smoked! We???ve create these capsules in delicious flavors with tobacco-free blends. Same great experience, no nicotine!

Hookaps was founded in 2014 by Two partners, who set out to completely transform the way people smoke hookah. They realized that preparing hookah is a tedious process involving a ton of experience, ingredients, and time. By aiming to create a more universal hookah experience suitable to novice and veteran hookah smokers alike, they began to formulate a ready-to- smoke capsule, which ultimately became Hookaps.

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