Gran Eléctrica

Gran Eléctrica

Gran Electrica is an authentic Mexican restaurant in the heart of DUMBO.

Gran Electrica is an authentic Mexican restaurant in the heart of DUMBO. Together, owners Tamer Hamawi, Elise Rosenberg, and Emelie Kihlstrom, offer an authentic and market-driven Mexican menu inspired by travels abroad, particularly traditional Mexican street fare. Creating a new take on regionally-influenced Mexican cuisine, the menu aims to showcase a diversity of dishes from across the country.

Gran Electrica’s emphasis on keeping our menu rooted in authentic Mexican cooking and techniques is expressed through items like fresh hand-pressed tortillas crafted with heirloom corn, house-made crema and queso fresco, as well as spicy chorizo made on site.

The beverage program incorporates Mexican flavors with seasonal ingredients, and cocktails by Tamer Hamawi include tequila and mezcal by small-batch and artisan distillers.

For more information on our food and drink, check out our menu.

With a respectful nod to Mexico, Gran Electrica boasts artful touches celebrating the vibrancy of Mexican art and painting. Inspired by famous Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada, carefully designed wallpaper includes classic Day of the Dead themes with a quirky twist – set in the Brooklyn landscape. Embracing the surrounding neighborhood, Gran Electrica also offers a large outdoor area directly under the Brooklyn Bridge for dining or casual drinks

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