BounceU of Brooklyn

Bounce U Of Brooklyn

With awesome bounce stadiums and easy planning, BounceU of Brooklyn is perfectfor kids’ birthday parties, team fundraising, & more!

Parents love the ease of having a private party at BounceU, while kids can't wait to play in our jaw-droppingly cool bounce stadiums. At BounceU, kids birthday parties are only the beginning. Our bounce houses make for the perfect birthday party place where kids and adults alike will have an unforgettable time. What’s more from field trips, fundraisers and kids’ camps to club outings and team parties, just about any special event can be hosted at BounceU. This is one inflatable party zone that’s all about you. BounceU of Brooklyn - Where Kids' Birthday Parties Are Non-Stop Fun

Kids flip for our unbelievably cool bounce stadiums (imagine the ultimate children's playground experience in a safe, indoor setting), but they also can't get enough of the games, the food, and sharing the spotlight with family and friends. You'll love the looks on their faces when they walk in, and nothing beats leaving with the feeling that your big day has been a truly special event. It's no wonder we're one of New York's favorite party places for kids!