The Café Bohemia was a jazz club located at 15 Barrow Street in the Greenwich Village neighbourhood of New York City.


The club was opened in 1955 by Jimmy Garofolo. Garofolo had owned the room since 1949 and had operated it as a restaurant, bar, and stage at various times, each endeavour turning out unsuccessfully. In 1955, saxophonist Charlie Parker was living across the street from the club with poet Ted Joans. Parker offered to play the club for Garofolo, which unofficially began the room's short-lived life as a jazz club. Parker died prior to the beginning of his engagement at the Bohemia, but the hype generated around his name being promoted was enough to garner further support for the new club.

Among the bands that played the club were the first Miles Davis Quintet, Art Blakey's original Jazz Messengers, and Kenny Dorham's Jazz Prophets. At one point Herbie Nichols was the intermission pianist. Miles Davis's Prestige recordings Workin, Relaxin, Steamin, and Cookin were meant to convey the spirit of the group's performances at the Bohemia. This is most evident on Workin' where the band's set closer "The Theme" is played at the end of each side of the record, and one piano trio number, "Ahmad's Blues", is featured.

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