1776 Broadway

1776 Broadway

Our newly renovated event space at 1776 Broadway consists of 2 levels of customizable space with a rooftop deck. With 3,800 square feet and breath taking views of Central Park and Times Square our event space is the perfect place to host a wedding, a corporate event, a product launch, a fundraising event, or a holiday party. The space is equipped with three separate bathrooms, a preparation area for a caterer, and a dedicated elevator attendant for your guests' exclusive use throughout the event.


Our ooftop deck is perfect for all seasons. It is equipped with outside heaters for so events scheduled in the fall and winter can be just as pleasurable as events planned in the spring and summer.


1776 Broadway is does not use exclusive service providers, which means that the host can bring any caterer, florist, or decorator that he/she sees fit in order to customize the space. Of course, we do have service partners that we will work with a host if one would like to be used.


Visit our website at www.1776Broadway.com for more information.

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