We'll start at the Apollo Theater and get into some people watching down the infamous 125th St. Next stop is an underground members-only club in a Harlem Brownstone, where you have an opportunity to experience a real 'in the know' venue with old-school Harlemites. Be on the inside with a jam session led by a legendary jazz organist known as the 'Ambassador to Harlem', who has played with Lou Donaldson and George Benson, among others.

Almost as legendary as the music is the great down-home cooking from Ms. Marie, serving a variety of savory soul foods such as meatloaf, fried chicken, oxtail, and fried fish, along with vegetarian fare featuring the likes of collard greens, cabbage, green beans, rice and beans. You won't want to miss her world famous 'drunken' rum cake. Ms. Marie's is a real meal bargain at about $10 for a meat and two sides. Come along with me to one of Harlem's hottest night spots, known for bringing Harlem's second renaissance, featuring live organ jazz and R&B. You'll be sure to be singing along to some of your favorite 'old school' tunes.

Food is available here as well as craft cocktails (but they run on the expensive side). A real Harlem 'juke joint' is the last stop to complete the Harlem night. This friendly dive bar holds only about 20 people, and you are one of them! All venues have a one drink minimum not included in the tour. Non-alcoholic beverages are available. Tipping is encouraged as that is how the artists primarily make their living so please bring a few extra dollars to tip the musicians. You will have an opportunity to buy cd's directly from the musicians at most venues we go to, they are typically $15-20 each so plan accordingly.

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