Discover New York City's most secretive speakeasies on this guided, 3-hour, small-group walking tour in Lower Manhattan and Greenwich Village.'Take a friendly stroll to discover six or seven of the most secretive speakeasies, hidden behind unmarked doors, coffee shops, restaurant kitchens, and more.'Skip the lines with reserved tables, sip craft cocktails,'and turn back the clock to'the roaring 20s while the tour guide details the history of Prohibition and'the causes and effects that led to pass and enforce the 18th amendment.

The meeting point for the group is always at a park where there is seating, shade, and water. While the group awaits for all the attendees to arrive, the tour guide will provide some general colonial history of New York City and deliver interesting facts related to the era ' like why we say 'bucks' instead of dollars, why 'Houston' is pronounced differently in NYC, and much more.

Once the whole group is ready, the tour guide will provide a small introduction about the speakeasy tour and explain how long it is, how many speakeasies will be visited (it's usually six or seven), and at which speakeasy the group will be allowed to grab a drink. The tour guide will also explain where the tour ends, which is always an area with nightlife, bars, clubs, and restaurants ' all located in close proximity to subway entrances.

On every tour, the first drink is enjoyed at the first speakeasy. In most cases, the group will either skip the line, get a reserved table, or both ' but skipping the line is guaranteed. While enjoying a high-quality, internationally recognized, award-winning cocktail, the tour guide will explain about the causes and effects that led to passing the 18th amendment (Prohibition). The guide will not only explain how and why it was passed, but the history of alcohol consumption in the US in general, the history of alcohol taxation, and most importantly, how the US tried to enforce Prohibition.

For each drink, spend up to an hour, but in most cases, the group'only takes around 40 minutes. Tour guides are obliged to'assure that no one feels'too rushed to finish their drinks because they are high-quality crafted cocktails that ought to be savored and enjoyed.

Some speakeasies will have even Burlesque shows, but all are completely hidden from the exterior. Go through unmarked doors, back alley ways, phone booths, a bank's vault door, behind a psychic shop, through doors indicating 'No Entrance,' 'Emergency exit only' or even through a Five Guys burger joint.'Most of the speakeasies are so well hidden that most of our clientele are actually locals struggling to find them, even with the physical address on their phones.

At the last stop, the guide will'give the option to either stay at the last speakeasy for a third drink or to explore the stimulated and vivid neighborhood where the tour ends, where there is many nightlife establishments, restaurants, clubs, bars, stand up comedy, life music and much more.

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