Tour at least three different venues where you can hear the 'best of the best' in jazz ' some whose star is rising and others who are certifiable legends, in the Greenwich/West Village area with some light walking.

This tour changes weekly based on who's performing, so in the true spirit of jazz, you will have an 'in the moment' experience. You will visit the West Side's hottest and most historic spots with your host. The possibilities are endless, including but not limited to: a prohibition-era speak easy dive bar, a bar that was the start of gay liberation movement, a piano bar where Barbara Streisand and countless others got their start, a Broadway sing along piano bar where historic figure Thomas Payne once lived, the oldest continually operating jazz club in NYC, a hidden underground jazz club named after one of the most notorious jazz figures known as an infamous marijuana dealer, an underground pool hall and jazz venue. You'll also experience the famous Washington Square Arch, gaining insight into its rich history. After this set we will head a little further west in the Village passing the famous original location of Cafe Society, a hotbed for social activism where Billie Holiday became famous for singing the song 'Strange Fruit,' an anthem for the Civil Rights movement. We will also pass Stonewall Bar' the famous birthplace of the gay rights movement, as well as the club where countless entertainers got their first big push, including Barbra Streisand. Follow your guide to some of the other great places to hear some great late night jazz sessions. Tipping is encouraged as that's how the artists primarily make their living so please bring a few extra dollars to tip the musicians. You will have an opportunity to buy cd's directly from the musicians at most venues we go to, they are typically $15-20 a piece (cash only) so please plan accordingly.

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