Chew your way through New York on this unique subway and walking eating experience that is different from standard food tours. Tours include 4-8 stops in some of the greatest eating neighborhoods in New York. Venture away from the tourist areas with multiple cuisine stops including at least one sweet stop where you meet and mingle with others from around the world.

This quality fresh food eating tour in one of New York's greatest eating neighborhoods is a different experience from standard food tours. You are on a real eating tour for those who love food and want to experience real New York eating. This is not a sampling tour and you do not stand on the corner and get a piece of cheese, leaving you wanting more. You choose what you like and how much by purchasing small items at each stop while spending just $15 to $20 on average for food on the tour and the tour will replace a restaurant meal. This is often money you would be spending anyway. Ticket includes a $10 food credit. Since this is first and foremost an eating tour you will experience the city and its eateries the same way New Yorkers do - on foot.

The tour is relaxed and informal as you walk the neighborhoods of real non-tourist New York and make friends with others from around the world. Part of the fun of the tour is that each stop is a surprise but you are not obligated to purchase items at any location. There is no set order such as savory to sweet or smaller to larger items. There are usually many choices at each location. Many stops are at smaller places so there is both inside and outside eating on each tour and walking with food. Enjoy a uniquely different experience and tour. See and eat New York like a New Yorker. Enjoy a tour that has been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate Of Excellence 2011-2016.

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