Explore the New York City borough of Queens on this private, 5-hour 'International Express' tour. More than'140 languages are spoken in Queens, making it one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in the city. See the world without leaving Queens ' Turkish, Italian, Irish, Korean, Indian, Mexican, Thai, and Asian cultures. Walk and ride the subway along the Number'7 train'from Flushing to Times Square, also known as the International Express ' with every stop'recognizing a different culture.

The New York City 7 line is known as the International Express. Every stop immerses passengers in another culture. On this 5-hour journey, visit Little Korea, Thailand, Ireland, Colombia, Mexico, India, and finally Flushing, Queens ' the best Chinatown in NYC.

Don't forget to bring an unlimited MetroCard, and get ready to roll. The tour begins by the clock in Grand Central Station, where the small group will hook up with the Number 7 line. Long Island City is the first stop, located directly across from the UN. It's a great photo opportunity with stunning views of Manhattan. Then it's off to Sunnyside, a diverse neighborhood featuring Turkish, Italian, Irish, and Korean cuisine. Woodside is next, home to a large Irish population as well as many Filipino's living in Little Manila. Woodside also boasts some of the best Thai food in New York City.

Reboard the International Express train to Jackson Heights, with its enormous Indian population. This area is teeming with restaurants and local food stores.

Then it's on to'82nd Street and the neighborhoods of Jackson Heights and Corona, home to large populations of Latin American immigrants, particularly Colombians and Mexicans. Walk along Roosevelt Avenue and hear earfuls of ranchera and cumbia pulsing from the restaurants and shops that line the street. Stop at a taco stand for a snack, or try on real Mexican cowboy boots at a local leather store.

Back onto the now familiar Number 7 train, proceed to Willets Point and Citi Field, home of baseball's New York Mets. It is also the stop for Arthur Ashe Stadium and Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, where the 1939 and 1964 World's Fairs were held. If time permits, take a stroll over to the Iron Triangle, a used auto parts district where the broken sidewalks and crumbling infrastructure belie a thriving metropolis of scrap yards and repair shops. Talk about stepping into another country, this is a step back in time.

The last stop is Main Street in Flushing and the 'Best Chinatown' in NYC. The immersion in Asian culture is complete while walking the streets, listening to snippets of conversations and stopping to taste sticky buns and other tasty treats. Nearby, on Northern Boulevard, see the historic Flushing Quaker Meeting House and old Flushing Town Hall.

As the tour ends, the guide will return with the group to the Flushing Line for the trip back to Manhattan.

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