This New York Food On Foot tour is focused on quality, fresh-food eating. Enjoy the largest buffet in the world: New York City. You will explore real non-tourist New York neighborhoods. Different from a standard food tour, you choose what you like to eat and how much. Your guide'is like family in New York'while you enjoy smaller item style foods in real New York neighborhoods. Unbiased restaurant recommendations are provided as part of the tour to help you eat great and save money for your whole trip.

Experience the city and its eateries the same way New Yorkers do. Your guide will insure a relaxed informal setting to explore a non-tourist New York neighborhood and most importantly taste great New York cuisine.

Each stop'can be a'surprise (your choice, lots of fun)'but you are not obligated to purchase items at any location. There are usually many choices at each location.'

On this tour you will purchase your own food and metrocard for the subway. Additionally, most people average about $15 to $20 for food on the tour and the tour will replace a meal.

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