See the best shows in New York City's world-renowned galleries! Delve into the world of contemporary art on a two-hour tour that will give you a real sense of what's current in art right now. Come on your own to meet new people, bring friends, family, or a date. Rely on your guide to know which shows to see in what part of town and what order.'

As you stroll and take in each show, you gain insight into artists' creative process, hear what artists'have said about their own work, engage your curiosity and get to know new friends or old friends anew. Tours'are highly interactive and freshly curated by Jody Lee Drafta, artist, critic and university studio art professor. She combs through dozens of galleries, mixing long-established with newly minted spaces to track down the most unmissable work on view. Let Jody give you an experience that brings to life the best of what artists do.

Meet your guide in Chelsea or the Lower East Side neighborhoods. You will be given a printed itinerary featuring the galleries to be visited and the artists whose work you will see.'The galleries will be within easy walking distance from each other, generally within 8 blocks. The tour takes you from one show to the next, gathering briefly for a few minutes of introduction to the artist and their work before seeing the exhibit. As you take in the work, you will gain insight into artists' working processes, hear what they have said about their own art, be able to ask questions,'and engage your'curiosity.

At the same time you will hear insightful commentary from your guide who is an artist, writer and university art professor. Your guide has a nuanced understanding of contemporary art and is committed to arranging the abundant research she does into an experience that brings to life the best of what artists do. On'your tour, you will'step into one rich experience of artists' work after the next.'Then after your tour, you guide can easily provide you recommendations on what food or beverage venues to visit in the area.

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