Downtown Manhattan Experience: Financial District, Wtc And Battery Park Walking Tour

A Private Tour. If you think Downtown Manhattan is just the financial center of the Big Apple, this tour is for you. We will spend a half-day discovering many interesting historical facts and trace our way back in the history of New York before the birth of the United States, and even further back when it was a Dutch Colony named New Amsterdam. An ideal way to discover FiDi with your Private Tour Guide.

In the narrow and dark streets of the Financial District, we will discover some of the oldest buildings in the city including Fraunces Tavern, the Custom House, Bowling Green the first public park, Trinity Church and St. Paul Chapel, The Federal Hall, New York Stock Exchange and much more.

We will stop by Battery Park to take in the New York Bay and admire, even if from afar, the elegant Lady Liberty atop Liberty Island, and the historic Immigration Hub of Ellis Island. We will find out what it was like for millions of immigrants to pass through Ellis Island Doors and land in America.

We will visit the WTC and 9/11 Memorial Fountain with the new One WTC (also known as the Freedom Tower). We will see the famous Oculus, the modern transportation hub and retail mall built by Calatrava. A mix of history, modern and old architecture, and incredible views.

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